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Burmese Forced to Convert to Buddhism – July 4th 2019

Morning Star News, June 19, 2019

Local authorities in western Burma last month forced three Christians to convert to Buddhism in southern Rakhine state.  Five local officials took two ethnic Chin Christians from their homes to a monastery and threatened to expel them from the village if they did not convert to Buddhism.

The officials also threatened that the two Christians would be fined if they engaged in Christian activities.

In a separate case, a Buddhist monk took Christian U San Tin Aung to a village administration office and compelled him to sign documents stating conversion to Buddhism or else he would be expelled from the village.

The officials also banned the three men from visiting the homes of Christians and doing business with them.

Village officials have told the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) leaders that they do not want them to visit as doing so now would only worsen treatment of Chin Christians there.

Encouraging Buddhism to try to unite Burma’s disparate peoples, the Burmese government has long persecuted Chin Christians for their faith.