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Christians in Algeria Acquitted of Charge – January 2nd 2019

Morning Star News December 26, 2018

Five Christians in Algeria were acquitted on Dec. 25 of the charge of inciting a Muslim to change her religion, sources said.

A judge at the court of Bouira acquitted Rachid Ouali, whose wife had filed the charges against him.  Ouali, his friend Ali Laarchi, Laarchi’s wife and daughter, and a Christian identified only as Mohand were acquitted, Ouali’s attorney said.

Laarchi told Morning Star News by phone that he was happy and grateful for his lawyer, a practicing Muslim.

“My family and I, and our beloved brothers Mohand and Rachid, are very happy to see this mishap come to an end,” he said. “We are happy that everything ends so well. The Lord is good.”