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Growing Persecution of the Chinese Church – February 15th 2019

Christian Solidarity Worldwide, February 8, 2019

Since the introduction of new Regulations on Religious Affairs last year, Chinese churches have experienced growing harassment.

Many churches, even those registered with the government, have experienced increased intimidation, closures and demolitions; as well as the forced removal of religious items from church buildings and a ban on children attending services.

Early Rain Church is an unregistered church in Chengdu that has experienced intense harassment.  A police raid was launched in the early hours of 9 December last year.  Over 100 church members were arrested, including the pastor and the leaders, and seminary students.  Pray that God would watch over Early Rain Church and protect them.

Pray for healing for Pastor Yang Hua, the leader of Living Stone Church, who was released from prison in June.  His health has suffered severely from his time in detention.

In September, officials in Beijing shut down one of the largest unregistered Protestant churches in the city after months of pressure.  Pray that the congregation of Zion Church would find a safe way of meeting together and worshipping.