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In Mexico, my faith means I can’t go to school – May 8th 2019

Christian Solidarity Worldwide, 30 April 2019

Alma and her family were thrown out of their village in Jalisco State, along with around 60 others, because they are Protestant Christians. Their homes and possessions were destroyed.

They were forced to move to a town many miles away, living with several other families in a disused church hall. She was too late to enrol at the school in her new neighbourhood and may never be able to complete her education.

José Gabriel and his family had to flee their village in Chiapas when village leaders tried to force them to renounce their Protestant beliefs, and they refused. Their possessions were destroyed, and they live, along with several other families, in a temporary shelter.

This Children’s Day in Mexico (30 April 2019), we have been making a noise that the Mexican authorities couldn’t ignore.

Please pray for us as we speak up for children in Mexico to have an equal education, whatever their faith or the faith of their parents.