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Jacksons Update – August 21st 2019

The Malawian election results from May are still under dispute and protesters planned to close all borders including airports last week but the protest did not affect any of the NetACT visitors who all left Malawi on Friday.

 Restorative Justice had a family day in Drakenstein on Saturday.  The inmates were all under 25, most of them nearer 20 years old.  “I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong,” one gangster said. “Now I can see how much I hurt people.”  Pray that they will acknowledge that true and lasting change can only happen with God’s help.

InReach (the discipleship course Dawn helped to produce in Nigeria) is being used to great effect, not least in the dangerous areas of the country troubled by Boko Haram sympathisers.  Pray for safety and that the light will continue to reach the darkest places. Pray that whatever the cost, believers old and new will know that nothing is worth denying Christ for.

Pray that Ruth will be guided to find the right flat share in Glasgow for her course starting there in September.