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Jacksons Update – February 15th 2019

The Bible study at Stellenbosch prison again had a lively discussion on whether you can be both a follower of Christ and a member of a prison gang.  One “atheistic” Muslim is coming to find out more about Jesus. He is open to following Christ when he knows enough.

Dawn is now back in the UK for February to be there when Ruth turns 18 on the 11th.  She will be speaking to the youth group in the church where she grew up.

Fraser will be spending most of February developing training materials for the NetACT portal.  Pray for the library staff as they get to grips with Fraser’s new system of cataloguing Hugenote College library and for Fraser as he creates training materials at the best level for the ways the college will use it. 

We are having power cuts of 2-4 hours per day.  Pray for this to be sorted out as the weather in Wellington has reached 40°C this week.

Our sincere thanks to Castle Street for increasing
their giving to us this year.