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Jacksons Update – July 18th 2019

Fraser is home safely after three weeks of God’s working.  Pray that lessons learned, and experiences of God will be remembered by all involved and used in their lives and work.  A feature he wanted to add to the NetAct portal has already been developed by one of the Kenyan librarians.

Pray for more people, scared though many are, to be a positive influence on young people living in the townships with no guidance and for whom violence is a way of life.

Pray for Steven in maximum who doesn’t know how to reconnect with his wife – guilty for leaving her to bring up their children – especially as she’s turned to alcohol.  He now has a life sentence but also a real relationship with Jesus.  Perhaps this is what God had to do to turn him to Himself.

Faiek in Drakenstein maximum became a Christian in 2013 but a man in his cell delights to torment and belittle him.  Pray for peace that passes all understanding and love for his tormentor, locked up with him for 23 hours a day.