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Jacksons Update – July 4th 2019

Pray that the car will soon be back and functioning efficiently so Dawn will be able to get back into the prisons.

Fraser had an encouraging week in Angola. Power and internet supply were better than expected.

A Brazilian missionary trainee there has written a handbook in Portuguese on the interactive learning environment used by many colleges and by the NetAct portal and will give Fraser a copy to put on the portal for NetAct Portuguese-speaking members to use.

A white South African trainee had been in Angola 3 times with the South African army during apartheid and implied that he’d killed during that time.  It had taken him 20 years to come to terms with it.  5 senior Angolan church leaders there got up, stood with him and prayed with him. God’s love and power breaking down barriers and bringing healing.

Fraser is now in Kenya for 2 weeks.  Patrick Sookhdeo from Barnabas Fund is doing 4 days’ teaching before the NetAct AGM next week. Preparation has been going well so far. 

NetACT has been offered resources, perhaps illegally.  Pray that, if the resources have to be rejected, it would not spoil the relationship between NetACT and the offerors.