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Jacksons Update – June 13th 2019

Pray that Sunday Agang from Nigeria, who heads the NetACT project to produce a textbook on African public theology, will be able to get visas for Angola and for Kenya to make valuable contributions to the meetings Fraser has organised for the end of June.

 Fraser now has visas for his trip to Angola and Kenya, but is still experiencing problems with his scheduled flights to Angola.  He is also concerned that he will pitch his training material at the right level and avoid cross-cultural confusion.  (He has to have his materials in Portuguese for Angola and in English for Kenya.)

 The men in Drakenstein Maximum who took part in the Restorative Justice process are having follow-up sessions and need greater understanding, honesty and courage to change.

 Ruth finishes exams on Friday. Pray that we’ll be able to clarify her next step before Dawn returns to South Africa. Pray for relationships and the partings that are so much a part of life overseas.