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Jacksons Update – March 13th 2019

Dawn, on her way back from the UK, had her padlocked suitcase broken into, but thankfully nothing was taken. 

Pray for the men going through the Restorative Justice course.  Remorse for past actions and gang membership are still major issues.

Pray especially for 3 believers – Fuad, an ex-Muslim in Maximum Security, Reginald, an ex-house-breaker who wants to model Jesus for his 15-year-old daughter, and Xosile, out on bail for murder, who wants his life to change.

Fraser is working on his first NetACT training meeting planned for Pretoria at the end of March which he will have to lead. Pray that he’ll be able to deliver excellent training sessions for the librarians coming from theological colleges in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Malawi.

Pray for Ruth as the A levels get nearer, and for good health and safety in travel.