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Jacksons Update – May 15th 2019

Fraser had a worthwhile visit to the Ivory Coast and returned to South Africa on Friday.


Dawn and the team have seen amazing breakthroughs in Drakenstein Prison where one man confessed to his parents that, after seven years of saying he was innocent, he had committed the murder. His parents had been supporting his wife and children while he was in prison. The sobs of his mother were heartrending.


Another inmate had asked for prayer for his wife whom he introduced to drugs and for his 9-year-old son who recently stabbed another child and could easily head down the wrong path.  The boy listened to his father and went to church with a neighbour even though none of the rest of his household attended. 


The father held a senior rank in one of the prison gangs before he started to follow Jesus.  The gangs are on a recruitment drive, especially targeting high rankers who have left to follow Christ. 


Dawn is still in touch with InReach in Nigeria which is changing churchgoers and reaching Muslims.  It is striking how many Muslims in Nigeria are receiving dreams and visions from Jesus.