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Jacksons Update – May 30th 2019

Continue to pray for Dawn, still in England, as she has come down with a heavy cold.


Give thanks for Fraser’s successful trip to the Ivory Coast – he is now working out practical ways to assist the French-speaking colleges there.


His next trip is to Angola to teach through an interpreter for the last week of June, and then to Kenya for the first two weeks of July.  He is working on visa applications.  The Angolan one is the more complicated.


Fraser includes a report from a South African theology lecturer who has taught at Nile Theological College in Southern Sudan through the NetACT lecturer exchange.


South Sudan is rated the number one “fragile” state in Africa – at civil war for 3 years with 400,000 dead.


Though a peace was signed in September 2018, ethnic violence could break out at any time.


The South African lecturer saw the 60-70 students – tired, hopeless, often sick and in dire poverty – being touched by Jesus and finding hope, the women in particular inspired by having a woman teach and minister to them.