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Jacksons Update – May 8th 2019

Fraser’s upcoming trip to Cote d’Ivoire is still in the balance as he waits for funds to be released to buy his air ticket.  Please pray that he’d have peace whatever happens.  He need continuous blocks of time to produce training materials for the portal without emails or phone calls to distract him. 

It is amazing to hear the testimonies of some of the men in prison and to wonder at how God takes lives lived in rebellion and changes them beyond recognition.

Steven, after enthusiastically following God for several years, suddenly had a crisis of faith and wanted to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. But God made it very plain that Steven belonged to him.

Ayando wants God’s help to change and has re-joined anger management courses.

32 of 36 lifers in Gautang finally admitted their guilt for the first time at the end of a week-long Restorative course.

There are more opportunities than there are people to run courses.  The harvest is ready, but the workers are few.  Dawn continues to lead Bible study at Stellenbosch.  Mel and her son Liam have started coming to help.  Pray they’ll feel able to lead when Dawn isn’t there.