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Jacksons Update – September 19th 2019

The overwhelming need of those released from prison is “a job”.  A major factor in re-offending is lack of honest employment.

Studying the Gospel is hard work for prisoners.  But they’re bringing their Bibles, thinking and asking questions.  Pray for Denzel who has applied to transfer from a cell of 26 to one of only 4 people to have fewer distractions from Bible study and prayer.

Mr van Dyk, the chaplain in maximum, is being worn down by the system, despite his attempts to help.  The funding grant for the position of Field Director and the Restorative Justice courses has not yet been approved for this year.

The NetACT staff need wisdom to decide whether to go ahead with the training sessions in Nigeria, in light of increased tension between Nigeria and South Africa.

Justo Mwale University in Zambia is now ready to start training their staff and the students on NetACT.  Fraser was disappointed to receive news that the librarian there who was about to pass on the NetACT training to others in her institution has had to leave her job.