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Laos Christians Arrested During Worship – December 19th 2018

Morning Star News, December 12, 2018

Police in Laos arrested a grandmother and three other Christians while they were worshipping last month.  The four Christians have since been released.

Police also evicted them from their homes and property.

Villagers said the worshippers were arrested for believing in Jesus Christ.  Area Christians said police have threatened severer punishment if they do not renounce Christianity, considered an enemy of the single-party, Marxist-Leninist country, according to a Lao Human Rights group.

The group called for their homes to be restored to them.

The Lao government recognizes religious umbrella groups for Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and the Baha’i, but only the Catholic, the Laos Evangelical and the Seventh-day Adventist Churches as Christian.

“Reports continue of authorities, especially in isolated villages, arresting, detaining, and exiling followers of minority religions, particularly Christians.”