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Terrifying Attack in Uttar Pradesh, India – April 3rd 2019

Morning Star News, March 29, 2019

Nearly two months after Hindu extremists in India humiliated, beat the 39 adults of the fellowship and tried to force the Christians to praise a Hindu god, one of the Christians is still in hiding.  The attackers had later gone to the homes of the assaulted Christians, threatening further injuries if they obtained medical help or reported the attack to police.

The brutality of the assault was so severe that the church members still tremble at the mention of it. Brandishing large wooden sticks, the assailants walked into the house at about 2 p.m. and began reviling and striking the Christians.  The hour-long attack included beatings that went on for more than half an hour.

Many of the assailants belonged to the Bajrang Dal, the Hindu extremist youth wing of the World Hindu Council (VHP).

They forced the Christians to lick their feet with their tongues and tried to force them to say, ‘Jai Shri Ram [Hail, lord Ram].’  Three Christians complied, but the rest of them refused and said that they would rather die.