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The Horrors of North Korea – August 21st 2019

Christian Solidarity Worldwide, August 18, 2019

Between 1998 and 2007, Heyeona Ji fled North Korea 3 times and was repatriated 3 times.  During this time she endured unimaginable suffering, including torture, human trafficking and forced abortion.  Sadly her story is not unique – countless others have had similar experiences.

The North Korean regime remains infamous for its brutality and oppression.  Every single aspect of life is controlled, and religion, or anything else that could be seen as a threat to the stranglehold of the state, is harshly punished.

It is estimated that over 200,000 North Koreans are held in kwanliso prison camps, where they experience horrific torture and sexual violence and are forced into slave labour.

Pray for enduring faith for all who, like Heyeona Ji (now living in South Korea), endure repatriation, torture and imprisonment because of their faith.  Even the slightest indication during interrogation that she was a Christian would have meant being sent to a political prison camp or being executed.