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Voice of the Martyrs, 9 May 2019


A Three-Self Church preacher was disappointed when the sermon that he had sent to the local authorities for approval was denied because the sermon was substandard: too much religion and not enough communist ideology.


Two major concerns were indicated: the statement that “God made heaven and earth, and created everything”, and that the quotes from the Bible were given without the inclusion of any traditional Chinese culture aspects.


The censorship of sermons is a common occurrence in today’s China. The clergy of the government-approved churches are required to submit for authorities’ review everything they plan to say to their congregations.


The government wants all sermons to praise the goodness of leaders and include topics like the evolution of the Communist Party’s faultless leadership and kindness as the reason for the good life of China’s citizens.


“The Chinese Communist Party is forcing us to tell lies and go against the Lord’s words.”


About 100 million Christians live in China, but only 30 million are affiliated with the government-authorised Three-Self Patriotic Movement. The remaining 70 million worship in unapproved house churches.