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Ugandan Muslims Incensed with Their Imam – April 17th 2019

Morning Star News April 9, 2019 

Sheikh Hassan Podo, a 28-year-old imam in a village in eastern Uganda, missed mosque prayers for 3 consecutive weeks.

He had kept his faith in Christ a secret, but a young Muslim who saw Podo enter a church building reported him to his family.

When Podo arrived home, his family interrogated him and began shouting, beating and insulting him as an ‘infidel’ and enemy of the Islamic religion.”

“Neighbours arrived at the scene of attack and helped Podo to escape,” a source said. “He bled as he fled for his life. Later he was found in a pool of blood, unconscious.”

Rushed to a clinic, he was discharged after 2 days and taken to a pastor.  His wife and two children later joined him at an undisclosed location.

Before his conversion, Podo was part of a Muslim extremist group that had attacked a Ugandan church congregation.